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College of Nursing

Nursing Profession is a well wedge of Art and Science. Nurses look beyond the physical aspects of treatments - tending to psychological, emotional and spiritual needs along with the physical needs! BSN Degree renders you a career that allows flexible work schedules and excellent incomes. After completion of the required coursework, students will be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), which allows him to continue his Nursing Practice at US.

Texila, being one among the best Nursing Colleges in Caribbean, provides Professional nursing programs that incorporate concepts and theories from the humanities and the social, natural, and behavioral sciences throughout the curriculum. We believe that registered nurse focuses on the care of the sick, injured, dying, and the promotion of healthy living.

Our curriculum prepares graduates to perform basic nursing and restorative care for patients involving safety, personal hygiene, nutrition, mobility, basic mental health, protection of the patient and the patient’s rights, observing the patient and reporting to the nurse.

  • To be established as a world class institution of excellence in nursing instruction, training and research.
  • To generate new knowledge and educate future nursing professional to improve health and promote health equity through leadership and the provisions of exceptional healthcare
  • To create innovation in nursing and delivery health care system
  • To work collaboratively as a partner in the delivery of health care with nursing contemporaries in hospital and colleges with other professional colleagues


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