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PhD in Healthcare Management

PhD in Healthcare Management Program is designed to develop scholars to apply theoretical frameworks from the social sciences to address pressing health policy and management research. The program is interdisciplinary and prepares the students for research careers in the relevant trade. Individuals applying to this program should have a Masters Degree with relevant research experience.

Block Subject
I Total Quality Management
II Management Information System
III Research Methodology
Capstone Project Report (Block: I, II, III)
IV Management Principles
V Quantitative Techniques for Management
VI Strategic Management
CapstoneProject (Block: IV, V, VI)
VII Health Care Administration
VIII Health Care Ethics
IX Financial Management of Health Care Organization
X Health Care Strategic Planning and Management
XI - XVII Thesis Work:Term reports ( Three)

Thesis Work Submission

  • Final Report Submission + Publication
  • E- conference

Total Credits : 74

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