Affiliations & Memberships

Texila American University Ltd. (TAU L), in academic partnership with the University of Central Nicaragua (UCN) offers the Postgraduate Medicine programs.


Texila American University (TAU) is listed in the World Health Organization - The AVICENNA Directories, which is a publicly accessible database of schools, colleges, and universities for education of academic professions in health.


TAU is listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). This is an accurate and up-to-date compilation of International Medical Schools recognized by the appropriate government agency in the medical school's respective country.


Texila American University is listed as a recognized university by IAU International Association of Universities

UN Global

Texila American University has been added to the register of participants in United Nations Global Compact Program.


TAU is an "Accredited Member" of IADL (International Association for Distance Learning, UK), which is established to promote excellence in open, Distance & Blended Learning programs and offers system validation and recognition for course - providers worldwide.


TAU is listed in the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), headquartered in UK. This is the world's first and oldest international university network which was established in 1913 and holds over 500 member institutions in different countries all over the world across the Commonwealth.


TAU is an approved Institutional member of ICDE (International Council for Open and Distance Education). ICDE was founded in the year 1938 in Canada with member from more than 60 different countries, It is a leading global membership organization to enhance the quality of open , distance, flexible, e -learning and online education.

GUIDE Association

Texila American University is a member of Global Universities in Distance Education (GUIDE Association) which holds the worldwide Universities to develop and support international cooperation and open and distance learning worldwide.


Texila American University is now a member of International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI). ICAI works to identify, promote and affirm the values of academic integrity among students, faculty, teachers and administrators. Being a member,TAU has now gained access to all the online resources provided by ICAI.