Financial Aid

Money spent on quality education always turns out to be a prudent investment. TAU's degree is not just about receiving a printed certificate, but it is all about empowering yourself with right knowledge for a rewarding future. But the good news is, we provide financial aid using which you can lower your costs considerably.

Students are eligible to apply for educational loans from various private lenders. U.S. Citizens and permanent residents, as well as Canadian citizens, are eligible to apply on their own as long as they have good credit scores. TAU administration is committed to provide all possible assistance to facilitate deserving students get suitable financial aid to pursue their education comfortably.


Texila American University Group strongly believes that inquisitive and bright minds should have access to the best education irrespective of their economic conditions. TAU has in place a number of full and partial scholarships for deserving students of each semester.

TAU recognizes not just the academic excellence, but applicant's inclination towards community service and volunteering. Scholarship criteria are based on stringent review of various parameters that students are expected to fulfill and the funding is limited. Students are encouraged to apply early and make them eligible on various grounds to avail the scholarships.