Texila American University - Genesis

The story behind the name

"Takshashila" one of the World's first Centre of Learning & excellence that existed around 2700 years ago, as early as 700 BCE, started in India. Students not only from sub-continent but also from various international locations chose to study at Takshashila few hundred years back. The subjects include Medicine, Astronomy, Skill building and more.

Inspired by the historical University's Legacy, Vision & Mission of creating accessible education to all the modernized name "Texila" is born. .

Following the foot prints of the trend setters. The university's first step towards creating campus started in Guyana, which is a part of American Continent. Guyana is also a member of Organisation of American States and is also referred to as South American Nation. It was Natural the name "America" got appended to to make it "TEXILA AMERICAN UNIVERSITY".

We are proud of our Ancient World that Inspired people to acquire knowledge and the Modern Texila dreams to be a trend setter in education globally.