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Global Initiatives - TAU

Texila University understands the need to equip students with outstanding knowledge and competence to take on the professional reins in today's demanding knowledge economy. As the opportunities and challenges are global, Texila has made a series of initiatives to help students update themselves on the industry trends and best practices across the globe in their respective disciplines of choice.


This is a virtual platform that provides an opportunity for students to listen to and interact with prominent scientists, scholars, engineers, industrialists, and students from across the world. E-conferences help students to gain insights on current research and trending topics in their subjects of choice. Texila strives to bring subject experts, scholars and others from all over the world to participate in E-Conferences (without physically needing to be there) for the benefit of the student community.
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To provide instant access to loads of research information, Texila American University (TAU) has initiated E-INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS OF ACADEMIC & SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH - EIJSAR, which strives to open the knowledge flood gate in the academic research.

The following are the services offered by EIJASR:

  • Assisting authors to publish their research articles in various South American Journals.
  • Indexing International Journals
  • Publish journals related to various fields
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  Texila Connect

An online platform for the latest news on medicine and education from across the world. This helps students to keep themselves abreast on the latest happenings in the world of medicine and education across the world.
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  Texila Digipedia

Texila Digipedia is an online hub where students can easily research and check out the data of their need. We have the latest resources and books which can guide you throughout your academics.
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