Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

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Convert your Work Experience to Academic Certification

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Convert your Work Experience to Academic Certification


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the formal acknowledgement of skills, knowledge and competencies obtained through:
  • Formal or informal training and education
  • Work experience
  • Life experience

The process requires the candidate to present and submit the evidence whereby a judgement can be made by an assessor panel, against the requirements of one or more units of competence or modules. The judgement is made on evidence provided by the candidate based on their skills and knowledge previously gained through work, study, life and other experiences.

It is essential to demonstrate that the evidence submitted by the candidate is of their own work for the success of the RPL application. The judgement made on successful RPL assessment can grant a pathway to certification programs from TAU.




RPL assessment pathway is appropriate where candidate's skills and knowledge is current and industry relevant. Candidate is enrolled to RPL based on the following eligibility criteria for different levels:

'O" Level plus 3 years of experience with minimum 21 years of age limit or 'A' Level plus 1 year of experience with minimum 23 years of age limit
'O" Level plus 5 years of experience with minimum 23 years of age limit or 'A' Level plus 3 years of experience with minimum 25 years of age limit
'O" Level plus 7 years of experience with minimum 25 years of age limit or 'A' Level plus 5 years of experience with minimum 27 years of age limit
'O' Level / 'A' level plus relevant work experience with minimum 21 years of age

Why is RPL a good idea?

RPL is about leverage and using your experience to gain the maximum personal advantage for you. You can stand behind your existing skills and knowledge as sufficient assessment and reap these benefits:


  • Improved job security
  • Re-entry to the workforce
  • Job promotion
  • Career change or improvement
  • Moving from volunteer work to paid employment
  • Moving on from redundancy or unemployment
  • Reduced study load
  • Improved career development
  • Entry to further education or training courses
  • Better planning of future training

Pathway for Further Studies

Bachelor Degree from TAU

At the successful completion of Advanced Diploma, students can pursue their bachelors from the following Schools of TAU based on their eligibility


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Prior Learning University Learning Degree Awarded
'O' Level Plus three years of experience/ 'A' Level plus 1 year of experience 6 months to 1 Year Certification
1 Year Diploma
2 Year Advance Diploma
3 Year Bachelors
'O' Level and five years of experience / 'A' Level plus 3 years of experience 6 months to 1 Year Diploma
1 Year Advance Diploma
2 Year Bachelors
'O' Level plus Seven years of experience / 'A' Level plus 5 years of experience 6 months to 1 Year Advance Diploma
Successful completion of Advance Diploma 1 Year Bachelors



Candidate who is above 21 years with minimum 3 years of current or relevant working experience can apply for RPL. Recognition of Prior learning should be gained through the below categories

  • Formal or informal training and education
  • Workplace experience
  • Life experience


Interested candidates should submit the RPL application along with necessary supporting documents via email.

Note: Please refer our website for application and registration process.


The RPL assessment will take 6 months to grant access to enter into academic learning where the duration depends on the equivalent certification.


Candidate's skills and competencies will be assessed by our RPL assessor based on the relevant evidence that the candidate submit. Upon successful completion of RPL assessment, candidate will gain access to obtain the various certification levels from Texila American University.


  • Candidate who is below 21 years with less than 3 years of relevant working experience cannot proceed with RPL assessment.
  • Candidate without relevant evidence against each competency will not be granted access for RPL assessment.


No, the candidate is supported throughout the RPL process by our facilitator who is able to:

  • Provide with complete information about RPL process.
  • Provide assistance in collecting/collating documents for assessment.
  • Explain about the costs involved.
  • Discuss what candidate needs to submit for supporting their application.


  • Pre-Screening Interview
  • Submitting RPL application
  • Submission of mandatory and supporting evidences
  • Facilitator assess the evidence at different stages
  • Submission of Portfolio
  • Final assessment by assessor
  • Results announced by the assessor


The candidate can contact TAU facilitators at any working time to discuss about the RPL process or to get the assistance in collecting the supporting evidence.


Yes, but the candidate has to provide the necessary documents required for RPL assessment and ensure that the skills/competencies gained by the candidate through his previous experience are not obsolete.


When compared to other international universities, Texila American University provides RPL assessment and certification with affordable cost. It's more effective, since the candidate will be provided RPL assessment along with the academic learning.


Candidates are required to provide authentic documents, achievements, references, training certification and letter of support etc. Candidate would be guided by TAU facilitator on the nature of the evidence required to complete the successful RPL assessment.

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