Whom to Contact

Enrollment Advisors

Enrollment Advisors of TAU are meant to guide the students to make the right higher education program based on their qualification, interest, affordability and time. TAU offers a wide range of programs & students can take assistance of our enrollment advisors for the course identification and enrollment.

Enrollment advisors are trained enough to understand the needs of the applicant and guide the students to choose the apt course by presenting the complete picture on the merits and suitability of the program based on the delivery mode, fee structure, relevance, duration and all other aspects involved. They can also advice on the requirements of documents and outline the program eligibility.

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Regional Representatives/ Country Representatives

A Regional Representative/Country Representative refers to the authorized admission processing officers of TAU in the respective region or country. They can serve as a one point communication for students to make them aware of their admission requirements and completion of their travel related activities on time. The Regional Representatives can also support the students in obtaining their visa and other ticketing procedures without fail.

Currently, we have Regional Representatives / Country Representatives in the following regions:

  • South Asia ( Asia )
  • India
  • Northern Europe ( Europe )
  • UK

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