Zambia Campus

Approved by Higher Education Authority - Ministry of Higher Education, Zambia, our city-centre campus is continually developing and evolving, and we have plans for further investment in it over the next few years. We have a major presence in Lusaka, which contributes to the city's friendly and vibrant atmosphere and also enables us to foster successful partnerships.

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College of Medicine

College of Medicine upholds world-class benchmarks of healthcare education and prepares students to excel as renowned professionals in the global healthcare domain. If you are passionate about health and biosciences and genuinely wish help people come out of agony, a career in medicine would be a perfect fit.  

  • Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB )
    Duration : 5 years 

Eligibility : Health Professions Foundation Program or Natural Science Program with a minimum duration of 1 year or more / 'A' level school certificate

Premedical Foundation Program

As a foundation programme embedded with scientific knowledge and one of the most fundamental components of the practice of health sciences, students are provided with opportunities to learn a whole range of natural science concepts in addition to acquiring knowledge related to professional development in the health professions. It is a pathway program for MBChB or B Pharm.

  • Premed for MBChB 
    Duration : 1 years (12 months)
  • Premed for B Pharm 
    Duration : 1 year (12 months)

Eligibility : Five (5) 'O' level credits or better which must include English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology       

College of Allied Health Sciences

The Department of Public Health trains its graduates to deal with the health of the community and aims to prevent diseases through organised actions, information resources and education efforts.  

  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
    Duration : 2 years 

Eligibility :MBChB / science graduates particularly with Biology, Physics, Medical Social Work, Nutrition and Chemistry / Allied subjects. B.Sc in Social work, B.Sc Nutrition, B.Sc Home Science, B.Sc Pharmacy, BDS, B.Sc Physiotherapy Students

College of Business & Management

Prepare for the Real-world business challenges with the hands-on learning experiences and the most advanced curriculum developed by industry experts. Build Your Career with the Right Skills.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (4 or 2 years)
  • Master of Business Administration (2 years)
  • PhD in Management (3 years)

College of Education

As new technologies become integrated into businesses, demand for skilled IT professionals continues to grow. Build your skills & boost your IT career with a specialized degree.

  • Bachelor of Education (4 or 2 years)
  • Master of Education (2 years)
  • PhD in Education (3 years)

College of Information Technology

Develop the skills that help you to serve your students, deepen your expertise, learn to effectively integrate technology & build an environment where students can reach their highest potential.

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (4 or 2 years)
  • Master of Information Technology (2 years)
  • PhD in Information Technology (3 years)

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