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Zambia Campus

  • Approved by Higher Education Authority - Ministry of Higher Education, Zambia, our city-centre campus is continually developing and evolving, and we have plans for further investment in it over the next few years. We have a major presence in Lusaka, which contributes to the city's friendly and vibrant atmosphere and also enables us to foster successful partnerships.

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  • College of Business & Management

    Prepare for the Real-world business challenges with the hands-on learning experiences and the most advanced curriculum developed by industry experts. Build Your Career with the Right Skills.

    • Bachelor of Business Administration (4 or 2 years)
    • Master of Business Administration (2 years)
    • PhD in Management (3 years)

    College of Education

    As new technologies become integrated into businesses, demand for skilled IT professionals continues to grow. Build your skills & boost your IT career with a specialized degree.

    • Bachelor of Education (4 or 2 years)
    • Master of Education (2 years)
    • PhD in Education (3 years)

    College of Information Technology

    Develop the skills that help you to serve your students, deepen your expertise, learn to effectively integrate technology & build an environment where students can reach their highest potential.

    • Bachelor of Information Technology (4 or 2 years)
    • Master of Information Technology (2 years)
    • PhD in Information Technology (3 years)

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